Max Burton 6400 Induction Cooktop Review

Max Burton 6400 Induction Cooktop Review

Finding the right induction cooktop, as with many other products, is a matter of being able to balance the features you need and that you would like the price of the product and your budget. Induction cooktops are not the most complex of products, but they do feature some options that may seem odd to someone who is not already acquainted with these types of products.

We will do our best to give you a small overview of the features you should look for in an induction cooktop, some of the reasons they may be a better choice than a more conventional cooking range, and a few possible applications for your new induction cooktop.

An induction cooktop can be a very useful product if you would prefer a safer and more efficient cooking experience, and we will detail a few of the reasons why before we jump into our review of this model from Max Burton.

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Induction cooktops are favored for their superlative safety when compared to other forms of stoves, such as gas ranges.

There are a few advantages unique to each of the possible cooking methods that can be applied on stoves, but we will attempt to focus primarily on the features specific to induction cooktops so we can give beginners a better understanding of why induction cooktops may be the right choice for their needs.

The primary reason for choosing induction cooktops over other forms of ranges tends to be either due to safety or efficiency. Induction cooktops are arguably the safest way of warming up your cookware as induction heating works through magnetism and not through converting the energy to heat in the first place.

In an induction cooktop, an electromagnetic current is run through your pot, heating it up, but keeping the element itself cool to the touch.

For obvious reasons, this is a very safe alternative to traditional ranges where there is a chance that you may burn yourself accidentally. Ranges can get very hot on gas stoves as well as more common electric coil cooktops.

This heat is then transferred to the pot or whichever piece of cookware you choose to make use of. The primary advantage to electric coils and gas ranges is their commonality.

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Gas ranges and electric coil elements are so much more common in practice due to their simplicity in operation. Since they have had a longer developmental history and more time to be refined over the years, you will find that these two forms of ranges are both more affordable and more easily found in stores.

Regardless, induction heating elements are becoming more and more common due to the expanding interest in them for their advantages in comparison to the more traditional forms of heating.

The Product


  • Features a one-touch simmer button
  • Features a one-touch boil button
  • ​Temperature ranges from 100 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • ​Features an LCD
  • Temperature is adjustable in 25-degree increments
  • ​Features a programmable 180-minute timer
  • 1800W of heating power


The Max Burton 6400 is a great choice for customers searching for a middle to higher quality induction cooktop. While the price may be slightly elevated in comparison to other models of induction cooktop, you will find that this model features a good variety of extra features.

These functions include an 180-minute timer, LCD and the great advantage of featuring 1800W of heating power, allowing you to cook faster and more efficiently. Max Burton is a reputable manufacturer of induction cooktops, so you know that you will be purchasing a product from a manufacturer with experience and skill in producing these items.


This model of an induction cooktop is very user-friendly and versatile, yet also slightly more pricey than other offerings from competitors. You will find that this product's price point is well justified due to the host of features and the excellent quality of the appliance itself.

The one-touch buttons for boil and simmer temperatures make it far less of a hassle to use two of the more often used temperature settings on this model.

The Max Burton 6400 is also excellent regarding portability as you can easily bring it with you regardless of where you would like to cook. It does not matter if you want to go RVing, camping or on a similar voyage, as long as you have a suitable power source, this model can work very well for your portable cooking needs.

The wide range of temperature settings is a great way to ensure that you can cook a wide variety of meals on this cooktop without missing the right temperature.

What Others Say

After combing through countless customer reviews and experiences with this product, we found that customers typically praised the user-friendliness of this model in comparison to other options.

The inclusion of the one-touch buttons goes a long way towards making this model easier to use, and the intuitive LCD allows you to see the timer and the temperature easily.

Max Burton 6400 Review

One of the few gripes we found about this model of an induction cooktop is the unfortunate choice to make the temperature adjustable in 25-degree increments. While this usually will not cause any issues, if you are cooking a delicate recipe, it may make it difficult.

Buying Advice

The list price for this product tends to be just under 200 dollars, but it is typically available on Amazon at the far better price of just under 130 dollars. This is a rather good price point for such an efficient model of an induction cooktop.


The Max Burton 6400 is an excellent choice if you are willing to spend a little bit more money on a more reliable model of induction cooker. The combination of good build quality and user friendliness makes this one of the better choices for an efficient induction cooktop.

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