Secura 8100MC Induction Cooktop Review

Secura 8100MC Induction Cooktop Review

Induction cooktops are an excellent choice if you are looking to make a purchase that will improve your cooking experience by a large margin. Induction cooktops have recently taken off regarding popularity as they combine convenience and efficiency into one excellent package.

While induction cooktops certainly used to be very rare and pricey, over the years, they have been researched and developed far more thoroughly, making them more accessible and crucially, more affordable. It is not rare to see a stove with induction burners as opposed to more traditional gas ranges or electric coil elements.

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There are many advantages to induction cooktops, in fact, there are too many to adequately cover over the course of this article, as we still must review the product itself.

But we will attempt to give you a good overview of the features and advantages of induction cooktops when compared to more traditional cooking methods.

Primarily, induction cooktops can give you an unprecedented level of control over the temperature of your pot or your pan.

More traditional gas and electric coil ranges do not tend to have an exact temperature setting like induction cooktops.

Many ranges feature temperature settings of high, medium and low, typically selected through a dial from 0 to 9.

The excellent temperature control of induction cooktops does not end with the ability to select the exact temperature of your pot or pan's cooking surface. In addition to this, magnetic induction heating does not suffer from the inertia that electric coil ranges are plagued with.

What this means is that the temperature shifts once you change the power of the cooktop will be far more instantaneous with an induction element.

It is for this reason that gas ranges are still very popular, especially in the food industry, like the ability to instantaneously adjust the gas flow allows you to control the temperature of your burner more efficiently. Having finer control over this temperature lets, you more effectively cook complicated recipes or recipes which feature very sensitive ingredients.

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There is also the aspect of safety to consider. Induction cooktops are far safer than electric coil and gas ranges because the cooking surface itself does not get hot.

Induction heating works through running an electromagnetic current through a magnetically compatible material like iron.

The electrical current which is run through the metal of your cookware is what creates the temperature, making cooking possible. As your pot or pan will be the only part getting hotter, you must simply ensure that you do not touch the cooking vessel itself.

If a piece of food accidentally falls on the element, it will not burn, reducing the risk of fire in the kitchen by a good margin. Safety in the kitchen is paramount.

The Product


  • Uses 120 volts and 15 amps of electricity
  • Lightweight and compact design means easier storage solutions
  • ​Features digital control options
  • ​Features 170-minute timer adjustable in 1-minute increments
  • Features ten temperature options from 140 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Features pan detection system that automatically shuts the unit off if there is no pan


The Secura 8100MC is a good choice of portable induction cooktop if you would like to spend less money than you would on competing models without sacrificing any extra features. These features include a good range of temperatures from 140 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit, a 170-minute timer which is adjustable in one-minute increments.

The excellent variety regarding features makes this product one of the best choices you can make if you are trying to find a good induction cooktop on a budget.


We were pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of this product once we took into account the much lower price of this induction cooktop in comparison to similar models. The digital control options available on this model of induction cooktop are surprisingly intuitive when compared to other, more complex systems.

The included 170-minute timer may be slightly shorter than other options, but it is effective at ensuring that you can cook your food as long as you want, down to the minute.

The 1800W of heating power also ensures that this model will be able to keep up with most of the competition you will find short of more powerful industrial models. The automatic pan detection system ensures that your induction cooktop will not continue draining power if you accidentally leave it on.

This also prevents accidental burns in case a metal or conductive object is left on the cooking surface, contributing to the safe reputation of induction cooktops.

What Others Say

After going through a lot of reviews and customer testimonials, we have found some of the more common gripes and praise directed towards this product. Customers liked the better price point of this product in comparison to a large number of extra features included, such as the timer and the automatic pan detection system.

Secura 8100MC Review

Customers also liked the high degree of portability, which allows you to bring the cooktop with you on voyages and camping excursions. This, in turn, makes the product far more versatile in comparison to other choices in this category.

Buying Advice

This product is one of the more affordable options which features such a wide variety of features and is available on Amazon for around 100 dollars. This product can also be found for a far better price depending on whether or not there is a current sale, getting you up to 50% off.


If you are searching for a well-priced option for an induction cooktop that does not skimp on extra features, the Secura 8100MC is a perfect choice. Its combination of reliability and user-friendliness results in a perfect choice for those wanting an advanced cooktop that will not break the bank.

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